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Innovatively making the city of Messina "smart".

#SmartME Parking

The mobile solution “#SmartME Parking” is a tool to monitor the status of the city car parks. The user is geolocalized and through GoogleMap, are displayed all car parks around the user current position. In addition, for each parking are displayed the still places available.

The user, after being authenticated, has the ability to know what are the available parking in the area where he's located and choose the one that has higher probability of finding free. After locating the parking, are displayed the distance from the user current position and the best route to get there.

The system uses sensors, buried in the road surface of each parking, which allow to detect the car parked. These information, are updated in real-time on a database to which the user mobile app is connected, to provide information on available parking.

Finally, the system is able to manage the stalls reserved for disabled people. The App has been developed for the Android platform and will provide other additional features that are under development (i.e. booking mechanisms and automated payment). All this allows to streamline the movement of vehicles, eliminating unnecessary ones. The advantages are: faster speed to get available car parks, urban pollution reduction, sustainable urban mobility and reduced traffic.



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