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Innovatively making the city of Messina "smart".

#SmartME Energy

This project, already in prototype form, consists of a smart electronic device that by analysing the absorption of the electric loads connected to the electrical grid, allows identifying the standby consumption of equipment and eliminating them simply removing, selectively, the power.

The prototype is installed to the University of Messina and now is storing and analysing the load data of the many devices installed such as computers, printers, access point and more. When the monitoring detects an idle state of the device, after a programmable time it intervenes to remove the unnecessary power consumption.

The proposed solution, compared to the commercial ones, has many differences. Some the main features of the prototype are:

  • Smart processing ability: represents the ability to perform actions on the basis of the occurrence of events;
  • Electrical power management: represents the ability to turn off the power of the device that are in standby state;
  • Data transmission: represents the ability to transfer data via Ethernet/WiFi;
  • Scalability: since the solution based on Linux distribution, this feature represents the ability to manage add-on that, dynamically, increases the device functionality.



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