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Innovatively making the city of Messina "smart".

The Project

The #SmartME project is a crowdfunded project born from a wish of a team of researchers in the Mobile and Distributed Systems Lab (MDSLab) at the University of Messina. Its aim is to encourage a conversation with the municipality of Messina in order to spur the creation of a novel virtual ecosystem based upon the paradigm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

To morph Messina into a smart city, an Open Data platform has been set up through the employment of low-cost microcontroller boards equipped with sensors and actuators and installed on buses, lamp posts, and buildings of local institutions, all over the urban area. Thanks to such infrastructure, it is now possible to collect data and information for designing advanced services for citizens.

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Latest News

First application demo of #SmartME.

Deployment and installation of the first seven sensor boards in the city center.

First working meeting.

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